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Our company has been providing our suite of data analytics

services since 2006. We have earned extensive praise from our clients for

our ability to design effective solutions to solve complex technical, business and

organizational problems, our expertise in quantitative analysis including

forecasting, modeling and metric development, our ability to guide and train

organizations in using data to gain business intelligence and maximize

operational performance. We employ a collaborative approach to working with

clients and partners. We are experts in using and managing data, measuring processes,

workloads, and modeling workforce requirements in both operational and

management/support-focused organizations. We have applied our expertise

in data analytics in various settings including cybersecurity, immigration,

disaster relief, transportation, housing, among others. As a business

with a passion for data analytics, Baryonyx is committed to using the best

available tools, methods and processes to create innovative and effective

solutions for our public and private sector clients.


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Sebastien Sigwalt
President and Chief Executive Officer
  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Spencer Nettleton
Vice President and 
Chief Data Officer
  • LinkedIn - White Circle

As the President of Baryonyx Management Consulting, Sebastien

Sigwalt leads its overall operations and strategy, and is responsible for ensuring the proper composition, management and direction of teams with their associated customers. He has provided on-site expertise in various client engagements in both the public and private sector and specializes in operations and performance management consulting, data analytics and workforce modeling. Prior to Baryonyx, Sebastien served as a Technical Director for ManTech International Corporation. Sebastien is a former member of the United States Army Reserve and holds BA, MBA and Juris Doctor degrees from George Mason University.

Spencer Nettleton is the Chief Data Officer of Baryonyx and is responsible for overseeing all data science and data analytics tools, methods, products, and technologies employed by our team members. Prior to Baryonyx, Spencer worked for IBM and Ford Motor Company. Spencer holds BS Industrial Engineering and MS Operations Research degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology.



  • GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) # GS-00F- 234GA, SIN 54151S & 541611

  • SBA Certified Small Disadvantaged Business [non-8(a)]

  • Partnered with prime contractors on various acquisition vehicles including DH Strategic Sourcing Vehicles, OASIS and others

  • NAICS Codes 541511, 541512, 541519, 541611, 541612, 541614, 541618 and 541990

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