As a firm focused on using data to help organizations gain insight into their operations and positively influence their decision making processes, we are experts in all aspects of data analytics. Our team of experts employ a vast array of tools, techniques and methods designed to produce the best possible solution for any given problem. Our expertise covers all substantive areas within this domain including forecasting, simulation, optimization, statistical analysis, business intelligence, data modeling and data visualization. We are experts in our ability to quickly and effectively identify patterns in data, identify and explain complex phenomena and relationships within and between data sets, and devise data analytic and reporting solutions that meet customized customer needs.



Our firm’s expertise in machine learning, big data extraction, data mining, data integration, data management, and various statistical and mathematical methods and techniques enable us to help organizations manage and extract the maximum value out of their data. Our team is comprised of statisticians, engineers, programmers and individuals from other disciplines who collectively devise customized approaches, tools and solutions to solve an organization’s needs surrounding data and system issues. We create repeatable processes to efficiently extract, treat and mine all types of data collected by an organization and devise solutions that allow organizations to self-manage the analysis of their data. We are experts in applying machine learning to an organization's data and processes to help achieve insight into customer characteristics and to help detect various issues including fraud, risk and complexity. 



Our firm helps organizations assess their cyber and enterprise-wide risk exposure and provides solutions to help mitigate risk. We help organizations improve their risk posture by conducting assessments, testing and refining frameworks, assessing the efficacy of technological tools and methods employed by organizations, conducting research, analyzing data and producing comprehensive reports on findings and remediation. Our team has experience employing various NIST standards at a tactical and operational level and we provide a host of other cyber- and risk management-related services for organizations with various degrees of maturity.



Baryonyx provides program and project management expertise in the areas of portfolio management, IT service and project management, risk management, operational control management, strategic management, in addition to providing general consulting services to traditional PMO

environments within an organization.



Our firm’s expertise in corporate performance management stems from years of experience in helping both nascent and mature organizations develop and/or refine methods for assessing the state and effectiveness of their operations via the use of data. We help organizations develop customized

metrics, scorecards and key performance indicators that are customized to their operations, data and mission objectives. Our work in this area has spanned numerous field within an organization including financial, operations, information technology, and human resources.ement



Our focus is on helping organizations leverage data to help drive the human resource decision-making process in terms of the number, type and longevity of staff to employ. Our company has expertise in developing workload-based staffing models in operational and management/support-

focused organizations. This includes the development of tools that continuously evaluate and measure workloads versus capacity over multiple business lines, as well as over multiple projected time periods which in turn allow organizations to not only optimize their existing capacity but help them devise robust hiring, training and retention plans to effectively deal with future requirements.